Groom Like You Mean It

Look at any photograph of a celebrity and rest assured there’s a glam squad behind the scenes primping and putting every hair in place. While your own glamor puss is very capable of taking care of her fur, felines still require a little help from their favorite stylist — you! Good grooming is not just … Read more

Fleas, Ticks & Heartworms Are Bad Mews

Cat parents are finally getting the message to protect their cats against flas, ticks and heartworms. According to the American Pet Products Association, parasiticide sales for cats are up. “It’s about time,” cheers veterinary parasitologist and Distinguished Professor Emeritus Dr. Michael Dryden, Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine. “The time is right, right now … Read more

5 Home Remedies To Stop Cats From Pooping On Carpet

Health problems, stress and changes around the home can cause your cat to poop outside of their litter box. This behavior can be difficult to manage but prevention is possible using these simple home remedies. These remedies use strong smells that cats don’t like to make the carpet a less inviting option and encourage them … Read more

Can You Burn Cat Litter?

While some eco-friendly cat litter can burn, doing so is a bad idea as burning cat litter releases toxins into the air. These toxins are bad for your health and the environment. Clay and silica-based cat litter cannot burn at all as they are not flammable and will clump together rather than burn away. Dangers … Read more

Abyssinian – Catster

In the Abyssinian alphabet, A is for active, M is for mischievous and S is for super smart. The agile and athletic cats are known for their love of heights, lively nature and unquenchable curiosity. “Abys are very energetic, and that takes some people by surprise,” says Linda Kay Hardie, who has lived with 19 … Read more