Fashionable Female Ginger Tabby Has A Thing For Clothes

Now, I’m not one to dress up kitty cats, but that’s likely because I’ve never had a cat that liked clothes. I’ve been a long-time fan of Rover, the runway-walking black feline, and recently I stumbled across a most fashionable cat in India that’s making heads turn across the globe. She’s fierce, she’s fashionable, and … Read more

The World’s Wealthiest and Most Influential Pets

The Ultimate Pet Rich List The World’s Wealthiest and Most Influential Pets All about Cats have created an ultimate list of the world’s wealthiest petsalong with using social data and instagram earnings to reveal a list of the highest earning & most affected pets. Influencers predate social media marketing by centuries, dating back to the … Read more

Super Senior Moggies With a Combined Age of Nearly 40 Seek new Retirement Home

Siblings Barbara and Bernard have been together since they were kittens Two 19-year-old cats, who have formed an inseparable bond after living together all their lives, are looking for a new home with the RSPCA in the West Midlands. Brother and sister Bernard and Barbara are being cared for by the RSPCA’s Worcester and Mid … Read more

Spotlight on Science: Owner Relationship Perceptions and the Consequences for Cats

iCatCare Feline Wellbeing Panel (FWP) member Esther Bouma shares with us her thoughts on her latest published research on owner relationship perception and the consequences for cats. Why did you want to study the perception of the human-animal bond? Many studies have examined the benefits of animals for humans, but there has been much less … Read more

After Her Grandparents’ Passing, Woman Makes It Her Mission To Help Seniors’ Pets

On May 18, 2021, on the anniversary of her late grandfather’s birthday, Angela Rafuse did something extraordinary in his memory. She embarked on a special journey to create a nonprofit that would help to give seniors’ pets “a second home again” as she refers to it on her website. Angela knows firsthand the plight that … Read more