Hyla Vacuum Reviews (Do Water Vacuums Work?)

The Hyla EST water filtration vacuum claims to be a much better option than traditional upright vacuums when you want a deeper clean of your floors (and the air in your home). I’ve tried one – so are they any good?

Water vacuums definitely work and will capture a lot of dirt and dust in your home. They trap all of the dust in the water, making it easy to empty out when you’re finished vacuuming too.

A lot of people like the similar Rainbow vacuum but I had the Hyla EST recommended – you can watch my review of the unboxing and my first time using it here:

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What is a Hyla vacuum?

A Hyla water filtration vacuum cleaner is exactly that – a vacuum that uses water as a filtration method, instead of conventional filters. Normal vacuums force air through a material filter that traps most dust, but it will always let some small particles through. They also get clogged, which reduces the effectiveness of the vacuum. It loses power, and you have a job to clean the filter which can be difficult and quite messy.

With a Hyla bagless vacuum, the air is forced through a water bath, which traps every fine dust particle. The water and air are then separated so that only clean and completely fresh air re-enters your home. And instead of bags or a large dust cup to empty, there’s just a water unit – dispose of the water and you dispose of all the dust and hair too.

The Hyla also operates as an air purifier. Remove the hose and use the air setting, and it’ll simply suck in the air and capture finer particles before venting out the ‘washed’ air. The purifier setting runs for thirty minutes and while you’re unlikely to see much in the water when it’s done, in theory, it’s cleared out some of those almost-invisible dust parts that can cause allergies in both humans and pets.

Despite it looking like a carpet cleaner, that’s not what a Hyla does – it does not wash the fibers in your carpets, but it does do a great job of vacuuming them.

How much does a Hyla vacuum cost?

Hyla vacuums are generally sold by distributors or sales representatives working in local areas – they’ll come to your home and do a demo of the vacuum, and then you have the option to buy it from them. The distributors will set the price, but don’t be surprised to pay around $1,500 for a new Hyla EST model.

You could also try to buy a reconditioned one either from a vacuum seller near you or from eBay – you could get one for $700-$1,000 or possibly on Amazon.

Whether you buy one new or second-hand, you’re going to be paying a lot more than you would for a standard upright, a stick vacuum, or a robot vacuum, but with a number of benefits that make it easier to maintain.

Purchase on eBay or Amazon.

Are water vacuums better?

Water vacuums have a number of benefits over a traditional filter vacuum:

  • Water captures the smallest dust particles, so you’re capturing more allergens and debris
  • The filter doesn’t get clogged up, so you never lose suction
  • Emptying it is as simple as tipping the water into the toilet
  • You can vacuum up powders like baking soda, or spilled liquids, without damaging it

So how does this benefit cat owners? Well firstly if your cat suffers from allergies, you can use a Hyla to capture more of those pesky dust particles that can trigger them, keeping the air in your home fresher.

And also, it’s just great for clearing up the messes that your furry friend can leave behind. You might not want to use it on large clumps of cat hair – like any vacuum the hose can still get clogged – but it will be really effective at picking up smaller clumps at once, and generally getting rid of any debris they leave behind.

Hyla Vacuum Parts

When you buy a Hyla vacuum you’ll get the motor, water unit, and wheelbase included. The wheelbase has eight wheels to make it easier to maneuver, and a rounded edge to protect your walls and furniture as you drag it around.

You’ll also get a couple of different floorheads to suit carpets and hard floors, a hose, and hard plastic tubing to connect the floorheads. Some people have said that the hose can get clogged if you use it to vacuum up a lot of cat hair at once, so it’s probably best to try another method to get rid of large clumps before you vacuum.

There are also extra Hyla parts you can buy, including a handheld motor brush which is ideal for picking up cat hair that’s embedded in carpets, a window washer set, and a radiator brush.


Is Hyla a good product?

The Hyla is a quality vacuum that gets very positive reviews on Facebook. There are some negative reviews but they are more about distributors and sales representatives than the actual product, which is very effective.

Can you vacuum up water with a Hyla?

A Hyla is not a vacuum designed to tackle a large amount of water, but it can handle small spills. Any liquid you vacuum up will just get mixed in with the water inside the vacuum.

While the Hyla is a powerful vacuum, don’t expect it to be able to completely dry a carpet if liquid has been spilled – it will help speed up the process but fibers will still be damp.

Can you vacuum up baking soda with a Hyla?

You can vacuum baking soda with a Hyla, with standard upright or cordless vacuums that use a material filter that would get clogged up with the fine particles. A water filter will work fine with baking soda.

However, while you can use the Hyla to vacuum up small amounts of baking soda that you’ve used to deodorize a carpet or clean a stain, you should avoid using it to vacuum a large amount — say if you’ve spilled a container.

That’s because baking soda will form a paste with the water in your Hyla, which could damage it and even if it doesn’t, it would be difficult to clean.

To Conclude

When I tried the Hyla I saw just how much it vacuumed up from my floors. It is pricey, so it won’t be for everyone, but if you have any cats with allergies or you just want to enjoy air that’s a little bit clearer of small dust particles, then a Hyla water vacuum could be a really effective option for you.

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