BVA Calls on Animal Owners to ‘Think Before They Type’ as Statistics Show 1 in 2 Vets Exposed to Online Abuse

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) is calling on animal owners to consider the impact their online behavior has on vets and veterinary teams. Figures released today to mark World Veterinary Day show 1 in 2 vets working in clinical practice experienced online abuse last year. As part of their new ‘Respect your vet team – … Read more

TAILs: The Animal Investigators of London

HB, £14.99, 250 pp, 203 x 127 mm “One of the mice said something. I could see his lips moving. ‘Secret?’ I required. ‘Hmm…’ He seemed to be giving something his full consideration. ‘Squeak says we should be called TAILs,’ he said. ‘It’s quite appropriate.’ ‘What does that stand for?’ ‘The Animal Investigators of London,’ … Read more

October is National Animal Protection and Safety Month!

In a recent survey by the National Association of Realtors, nine out of ten people consider their pets to be family members, and 81% of them said that pet considerations would be factor when looking at new living spaces. Another 52% said they had made renovations to their homes to accommodate their pets. That is … Read more