Pandemic Pets: Brits Favour Dogs & Cats, Aren’t Afraid to Spoil Their Pets

New poll also finds 65% of British pet-owners are dog-owners, 41% have cats Over half of pet owners allow their pet to sleep in their bed & are willing to splurge on premium pet food The majority spend £26-£50 per month on their pet and prefer to shop in-store versus online New research released reveals … Read more

Tabby’s Place Launches Capital Campaign for Quinn’s Corner, a Haven for Vulnerable FeLV+ Cats

Years from now, the world will remember 2022 as a turning point in the history of cats. Tabby’s Place: a Cat Sanctuary is launching a Capital Campaign for Quinn’s Corner, a first-of-its-kind haven for the last felines to be loved: cats infected with feline leukemia virus (FeLV). Even among cat lovers, these precious cats are … Read more

5 Home Remedies To Stop Cats From Pooping On Carpet

Health problems, stress and changes around the home can cause your cat to poop outside of their litter box. This behavior can be difficult to manage but prevention is possible using these simple home remedies. These remedies use strong smells that cats don’t like to make the carpet a less inviting option and encourage them … Read more

‘Poisoning’ Alert Over ‘Suspicious’ Treats After two Cats are Found Dead in Hull Streets

The RSPCA is warning owners to be vigilant over discarded food after cats were found dead in an area of ​​Hull. The suspicious incidents have centerd in and around Hampshire Street in Hessle with two cats, belonging to the same owner, discovered in a garden and an alleyway. The body of another cat is also … Read more