Abyssinian – Catster

In the Abyssinian alphabet, A is for active, M is for mischievous and S is for super smart. The agile and athletic cats are known for their love of heights, lively nature and unquenchable curiosity. “Abys are very energetic, and that takes some people by surprise,” says Linda Kay Hardie, who has lived with 19 … Read more

Dealing with Dandruff – Catster

As a veterinarian specializing in cats, I’ve examined many cats with temperaments that could be described as “a little flaky.” While I’ve grown to appreciate some of these flaky feline personalities, flaky haircoats are a completely different story. Cats are fastidious when it comes to their appearance, meticulously grooming their fur to maintain a beautiful, … Read more

What’s Mew at Catster: April events

All Month: Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month; National Pet Month; National Pet First-Aid Awareness Month; National Heartworm Awareness Month Through Summer 2023: Cats! An Exploration of the Felines That Occupy Every Aspect of Our Lives This speCATular exhibition is all about felines and the way they have influenced our homes, our art and our … Read more

Adoption Today – Catster

Several years ago, I began my adoption quest to find a kitten filled with confidence and curiosity. I met several felines at a number of animal shelters, but each came with a deal breaker: too shy or terrified of dogs or diagnosed with a chronic health condition. Then I discovered a spunky ginger kitten at … Read more

Why Do Cats Stare? – Catster

Cats are famous for staring — at you, at the world outside a window, at the wall and sometimes at nothing at all. Indeed, cats are curious observers, and here’s a look into why they stare. One of cats’ most striking features are their eyes. These ocular attributes amplify their reputation for staring and make … Read more

Ameowzing Cat House Makeover – Catster

Building cat furniture might not be the route an architect would expect to take, but it certainly wasn’t unwelcome. That’s what happened with Mario Arbore, though, and he’s never looked back. “In my practice, I’ve had the pleasure of doing a wide variety of projects, including restaurants, home renovations, offices, furniture showrooms and much more,” … Read more