Beloved Family cat Makes Miracle Recovery Following Accident

A much-loved family cat from South East London has overcome the odds to make a full recovery following a traumatic traffic incident which left her with a fractured pelvis. Cherished puss Rosie required emergency treatment from vet charity PDSA after her owner, Laura (35), returned home to discover her struggling to walk and unable to … Read more

Black Cat Family Darth Vader, Lord Malgus, & Baby Zara Are Triple The Cuteness

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for black cats. And I think that many other cat lovers out there could say the exact same. When you keep a black cat, it’s like you have the chance to have your very own miniature panther right in your home! Black cats are effortlessly cool, … Read more

Family Cats and Dogs Help Bring Kitten Back to Life After She Was Found at 3 Days Old

Family cats and dogs helped bring a tiny kitten back to life, after she was found at three days old. Fiona the kitten and Ethel the pupKelsey Minier A 3-day-old kitten, Fiona, was brought to Hamilton Humane (in Indiana) as a singleton, desperately needing help. She weighed just 82 grams, the size of a small … Read more

Cat Comes Up to Family of Her Choosing and Asks Them to Help Kittens Born in Their Yard

A cat came up to a family of her choosing and asked them to help her kittens born in their yard. Queen Bee the cat mom and her kittensJen @jenfosterskittens A stray cat was spotted hanging around a neighborhood (in Southern California) for some time. She stopped in a family’s yard for food and kept … Read more