Food-Loving Feline who Weighed More Than 1.5 Stone Sheds the Pounds in bid to Find new Home

Motsy came into the RSPCA’s Newport Animal Center last October after her owner sadly passed away. On arrival she weighed 10.1kg – more than twice the weight of an average adult cat and roughly the same as a small dog like a West Highland Terrier. Motsy’s size meant she was unable to get in and … Read more

International Society of Feline Medicine Press Release: Record Demand for Better Ways to Treat Cats

The International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM)the veterinary division of the charity International Cat Care, Continues to grow and develop to meet increasing demands from practitioners worldwide for ways to improve their care of cats. This growing desire for resources and information may be linked to what seems to be an increase in the international … Read more

Can Cats Eat Garlic? Feline Garlic Poisoning Explained

No, cats cannot eat garlic as it is highly toxic. Any amount of garlic can cause a negative reaction including gastrointestinal problems and garlic poisoning so cats should not eat any garlic or foods that contain garlic. Garlic comes from the same family as chives, leeks and onions, all of which are toxic to cats, … Read more

Why Feeding Your Cat a Species-Specific Raw Diet Is Purr-Fect for Feline Friends

Subscription based raw pet food delivery company Bella & Duke offers a range of nutritionally balanced treats and meals to help support your cat’s health. As pet owners we constantly learn more and more about how to better fuel our own bodies to keep fit and healthy, so why should it be any different for … Read more