Trio Of Blind Cats Named Odin, Loki, & Shadow Will Melt Your Heart

If you ask me, all cats are beautiful. It doesn’t matter what their coat looks like, or their tail, or even their face. For Odin, Loki, and Shadow, I honestly got teary-eyed when I came across their profile. I was instantly smitten with this sweet trio of kitties that are living out their very best … Read more

Kitten Found on Concrete Wall, Makes Complete Turnaround and Wins the Heart of Person Who Took Him in

A kitten who was found on a concrete wall, made a complete turnaround and won the heart of the person who took him in. Clayton the catLittle Wanderers NYC Little Wanderers NYC was contacted about a kitten spotted on a concrete wall in the Bronx (New York). He was in very rough shape, meowing for … Read more