5 Home Remedies To Stop Cats From Pooping On Carpet

Health problems, stress and changes around the home can cause your cat to poop outside of their litter box. This behavior can be difficult to manage but prevention is possible using these simple home remedies. These remedies use strong smells that cats don’t like to make the carpet a less inviting option and encourage them … Read more

Food-Loving Feline who Weighed More Than 1.5 Stone Sheds the Pounds in bid to Find new Home

Motsy came into the RSPCA’s Newport Animal Center last October after her owner sadly passed away. On arrival she weighed 10.1kg – more than twice the weight of an average adult cat and roughly the same as a small dog like a West Highland Terrier. Motsy’s size meant she was unable to get in and … Read more

Morag Finds the Purrfect Retirement Home to put up her Paws at 21-Years-old

She was the oldest ever cat to come into the RSPCA’s animal rehoming center in Worcester She had people willing to adopt her from Australia, Japan and the USA after her story made headlines around the world. But Morag, the golden oldie who found herself in rescue at the grand old age of 21, has … Read more

Supaw Moggie Morag is Looking for the Purrfect Retirement Home at 21-years-old

The senior cat is thought to be the oldest currently in RSPCA care An RSPCA animal center in the West Midlands is looking for a special retirement home for a golden oldie called Morag, who has come into rescue at the grand old age of 21. The RSPCA’s Worcester and Mid Worcestershire branch took in … Read more

Cat Gets Her 8 Kittens Inside a Home After Spending Her Whole Life Outdoors

A cat got her 8 kittens inside a home after spending her whole life outdoors. Kittens born to a stray tortie catAngela @fosteringlove.pdx A tortoiseshell cat, Celeste, came to Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals, after having litter after litter outside. She was found covered in flas and heavily pregnant. “Celeste had lived outside for her … Read more

Kittens Cheer Each Other on As They Scoot Their Way to Warm Home

Two kittens cheer each other on as they scoot their way to a warm home. Poki and Appa the kittensAbby Meltzer Abby Meltzer, a foster carer based in Washington DC was contacted about a litter of kittens that had been brought into a shelter. They were just a few days old and in desperate need … Read more

Super Senior Moggies With a Combined Age of Nearly 40 Seek new Retirement Home

Siblings Barbara and Bernard have been together since they were kittens Two 19-year-old cats, who have formed an inseparable bond after living together all their lives, are looking for a new home with the RSPCA in the West Midlands. Brother and sister Bernard and Barbara are being cared for by the RSPCA’s Worcester and Mid … Read more