Where do the Naughtiest Moggies Live in the Country?

The Cat-ostrophic Capital of the UK is revealed! The incredibly selfless, brave and challenging work that firefighters do across the country every day is why they are a much loved, and highly appreciated, emergency service. However, it’s not just people that they save; for their work often includes saving our much loved four-legged furry friends … Read more

Can Moggies Go Outside? – Katzenworld

This post first appeared on ProtectaPet here. Moggies, or non-pedigree cats, generally make for better outdoor cats than their pedigree counter parts. These intelligent and independent felines love the fresh air and exerting their hunting instincts. However, letting your beautiful friendly moggy cat outside comes with lots of dangers resulting in a short life expectancy. … Read more

Super Senior Moggies With a Combined Age of Nearly 40 Seek new Retirement Home

Siblings Barbara and Bernard have been together since they were kittens Two 19-year-old cats, who have formed an inseparable bond after living together all their lives, are looking for a new home with the RSPCA in the West Midlands. Brother and sister Bernard and Barbara are being cared for by the RSPCA’s Worcester and Mid … Read more