German Felines Help Their Cat Mom Excel At Her Cat Photography

When it comes to cats, it’s really hard to take a bad photo of them. They’re experts at not blinking, sitting perfectly still, and always looking marvelous, naturally. For Cara and Yuna, I came across their images on Instagram and was instantly drawn to their mesmerizing photographs. Their stunning looks combined with their cat mom’s … Read more

Kittens Found Behind a Warehouse Along with a Cat, One of Them is Very Clingy to Her Mom

A litter of kittens were found behind a warehouse along with a cat. One of them was very clingy to her mom. Coco the cat mom and her kittensDorset Rescue Kittens Cailey Seymour, the founder of Dorset Rescue Kittens (in Ontario, Canada), was informed about a street cat and her litter of five by a … Read more