BVA Calls on Animal Owners to ‘Think Before They Type’ as Statistics Show 1 in 2 Vets Exposed to Online Abuse

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) is calling on animal owners to consider the impact their online behavior has on vets and veterinary teams. Figures released today to mark World Veterinary Day show 1 in 2 vets working in clinical practice experienced online abuse last year. As part of their new ‘Respect your vet team – … Read more

NEW PFMA Pet Population Data Highlights Pet Peak but the Number of Owners Giving up Their Pet is Huge Concern

Today, the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) releases its annual population data, with a record 35m pets in the UK in 2022. Pet ownership is at a peak and 17.4m households (62%) own a pet[i][i]. In the UK there are now 13m dogs and 12m cats, 1.6m indoor birds, 1.4m domestic fowl, 1m rabbits, 900k … Read more

National Pet Month 2022: Help and Support for Pandemic Pet Owners

With studies showing that pandemic pet owners are more likely to face challenges with their pet’s behaviour, this year’s National Pet Month will focus even more heavily on education and support. With many of us taking on new pets during lockdown and the rise in first time owners, NPM will have a strong focus on … Read more

Cat Owners Share Genius Hacks For FREE Neutering & Vet Consultations

Cats can be expensive to look after once food, litter, healthcare and toys are paid for Pet lovers from Latest Deals reveal their top tips for saving on maintenance costs Tricks include getting free neutering, which could usually cost up to £100 in vet fees Other hacks involve how to get free vet consultations worth … Read more

Cat Charities Urge Owners to Neuter Their Cats as an Estimated ONE MILLION Cats are Still Unneutered in the UK

He is believed levels of neutering fell for the first time in years during the pandemic This World Spay Day (Tuesday 22 February) cat welfare organizations have come together to urge owners to get their cats spayed as neutering levels dropped significantly during the pandemic. There are an estimated 10 million cats in the UK … Read more

Vet Charity PDSA Urges Owners to #WeighUp Pets’ Health to Tackle Pet Obesity Epidemic

Vet charity PDSA is urging pet owners to #WeighUp for their four-legged friends’ health and wellbeing this National Obesity Awareness Week (10-16 January 2022), following research revealing a whopping number of our furry friends have piled on the pounds. The study* of more than 4,500 pet owners by the UK’s leading vet charity, PDSA, and … Read more