‘Poisoning’ Alert Over ‘Suspicious’ Treats After two Cats are Found Dead in Hull Streets

The RSPCA is warning owners to be vigilant over discarded food after cats were found dead in an area of ​​Hull. The suspicious incidents have centerd in and around Hampshire Street in Hessle with two cats, belonging to the same owner, discovered in a garden and an alleyway. The body of another cat is also … Read more

Can Cats Eat Garlic? Feline Garlic Poisoning Explained

No, cats cannot eat garlic as it is highly toxic. Any amount of garlic can cause a negative reaction including gastrointestinal problems and garlic poisoning so cats should not eat any garlic or foods that contain garlic. Garlic comes from the same family as chives, leeks and onions, all of which are toxic to cats, … Read more

Is Eucalyptus Safe For Cats? & How To Deal With Eucalyptus Poisoning

No, Eucalyptus is not safe for cats. Eucalyptus in any form (including essential oil, fresh, and dried) is toxic as the plant has chemicals that cats are not able to metabolize. Exposure to eucalyptus can cause poisoning which presents with symptoms such as excessive drooling, vomiting, seizure, and collapse. After a cat is exposed to … Read more