Kitten is Ready to Leave Storm Drain Life with His Brother and Emerges from Hiding One Day

A kitten was ready to leave the storm drain life with his brother and emerged from hiding one day. Ralphie and Red Ryder the kittensCoastal Bend Cat Rescue Last month, a physician from Corpus Christi, Texas discovered a pair of kittens living in a storm drain behind their hospital. They had seen them without a … Read more

Cat Comes Back to the Couple Who Were Kind to Him, and Ready to Change His Life

A cat came back to the couple who were kind to him, and was ready to change his life. Granpruno the catChatons Orphelins Montreal Steph and Francis from Montreal, Canada spotted an older cat in their backyard one night, scrounging around for food. He reminded them of one of their kittens named Pruno, so they … Read more