Everything you Need to Know About Keeping Your Pets Safe in Spring

As we begin to enjoy longer days, flowers blooming and all the joys of Spring, you may find yourself spending more time outside exploring with furry family members. PDSA Vet Nurse Nina Downing said: “Being in the great outdoors has many benefits to physical and mental health, for humans and four-legged friends alike, but it’s … Read more

Is Eucalyptus Safe For Cats? & How To Deal With Eucalyptus Poisoning

No, Eucalyptus is not safe for cats. Eucalyptus in any form (including essential oil, fresh, and dried) is toxic as the plant has chemicals that cats are not able to metabolize. Exposure to eucalyptus can cause poisoning which presents with symptoms such as excessive drooling, vomiting, seizure, and collapse. After a cat is exposed to … Read more

Yakult For Cats: Is It Safe?

It’s best not to give your cat Yakult as it can cause reactions and intolerance issues. This is primarily because Yakult contains lactose which most adult cats are not able to digest. With that said, if your cat is not lactose intolerant then Yakult should not cause any negative effects unless too much of it … Read more

Can Cats Eat Eggs? Are They Safe And Good, Or Bad For Them?

Eggs are delicious, healthy and have an irreplaceable role in tons of recipes for a huge variety of homecooked meals. They are an excellent source of protein, minerals and many vitamins, including A, D and B12. Moreover, eggs contain essential amino acids, which our bodies cannot synthesize on their own. Many cat owners out there … Read more