Leading London Vet Stresses Importance of Microchipping After Missing Brent cat Found in Neighbour’s Shed After 13 Days

A domestic male, short-hair black-and-white cat from Brent called Jet had a lucky escape when he was heard meowing from underneath a pile of pallets in a nearby resident’s garden shed less than two minutes’ away from his home – 13 days after having first gone missing. Jet, a much-loved one-and a-half year old pet … Read more

My Cat is Freaking Out! What Stresses Cats Out and How to Calm Them Down

Cats are famous for being aloof and calm. Yes, they get the “zoomies” and can play with their toys like crazy critters, but what they’re known for mostly is being serene and unreadable. That is, until something upsets their world. People react to things that disrupt their world and, just like us, cats do, too. … Read more