Kitten 10 Days of Age Holds onto the Hands that Help Her and Turns into Fluffy Happy Purr Machine

A kitten who was 10 days old, held onto the hands that helped her as she turned into a fluffy, happy purr machine. Clove the kittenBaby Kitten Rescue Clove the kitten was just 10 days old when she arrived at Baby Kitten Rescue (in Los Angeles, California), in desperate need of help. “She was found … Read more

Kitten Who is the ‘Spiciest’ in His Litter, Turns Out to Be Quite the Teddy Bear

A kitten who was the “spiciest” in his litter, turned out to be quite the teddy bear. Wasabi the kittenJamie @thekittensfoster Late last month, three kittens were brought to the Orange County Animal Shelter in need of rescue. The trio were very timid around people, cowering fearfully in a corner. Baby Kitten Rescue (BKR), a … Read more

Kitten Discovered Alone Under a Car, Turns Out to Have Escaped from His Litter and Due for a Reunion

A kitten who was discovered alone under a car, turned out to have escaped from his litter and was due for a reunion. Pontiac the kittenTiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue Last month, Melissa, the founder of Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue (in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada), received a call about a kitten needing urgent help. A … Read more