International Society of Feline Medicine Press Release: Record Demand for Better Ways to Treat Cats

The International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM)the veterinary division of the charity International Cat Care, Continues to grow and develop to meet increasing demands from practitioners worldwide for ways to improve their care of cats. This growing desire for resources and information may be linked to what seems to be an increase in the international … Read more

3 Fun Ways to Bond With Your Cat

This first article appeared on Catit Cats are no longer just mousers – they have become beloved family members that we can’t live without. Let them know by dedicating some special time to them every day. Think that sounds boring? Think again, as we have 3 fun but easy tricks to teach your cat while … Read more

5 Ways Cats Would Ace P.E. Class

Do you remember your high school physical education classes? Some of us probably have fonder memories than others, depending on our love of volleyball, square dancing and the ability to bring a “please excuse” note from home. Most cats’ days are a steady cycle of eating, sleeping, grooming and physical activity. Oh, and judging us … Read more