Woman Adopts Cat Burglar And Saves Him From A Life Of Crime

I think unless you just fell off the turnip truck, you’re well-aware of the “cat burglar” saying. We know that unsavory humans take to a life of thievery, but there are also real-life cats that give actual meaning to this term. Kylo, ​​AKA Pirate Kitty Kylo, ​​is one of those cats. But, thankfully for Kylo, … Read more

After Her Grandparents’ Passing, Woman Makes It Her Mission To Help Seniors’ Pets

On May 18, 2021, on the anniversary of her late grandfather’s birthday, Angela Rafuse did something extraordinary in his memory. She embarked on a special journey to create a nonprofit that would help to give seniors’ pets “a second home again” as she refers to it on her website. Angela knows firsthand the plight that … Read more